First Impressions + GRWM | Reviewing ILIA + ROOT Make-Up

Hey everyone and welcome back to my page!

Today we are trying out new foundation from Ilia Beauty and Root Pretty eyeshadows…Very exciting stuff people!

Testing foundations is one of my favorite things because I love the instant gratification of a fresh canvas. I always have some kind of redness on my face, it’s just a matter of how much at any given time. Foundation allows me to forget about it for a little while and not to be self conscious.


The color of this foundation is probably a shade too light but because I ordered it online, I tried to shade match the best I could. I chose the second-lightest shade but it makes me look kind of like a ghost. I did end up mixing it with my Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation in order to get a little darker of a shade.

When it comes to the coverage, I would say it is more on the medium side. I got it because I read multiple reviews saying it was full coverage but at the same time skin-like. I could definitely see my redness coming through. I think if I had a better shade match, I would have liked it better. It isn’t as dewy as the Vibrancy Foundation but isn’t matte either, which was nice.

I am going to return it and potentially get a better shade to give it a better shot. It is a $54.00 foundation so if I don’t absolutely love it then it’s going back!

Moving on to the other star of the show….

Root Eyeshadow

Now, Root Pretty was brought to my attention through an instagram post from a fellow green beauty blogger. The shadows looked very pigmented and I couldn’t help but immediately check them out. I like that they sell z-palettes along with their single shadows. I have never had a z-palette so it’s fun to put together my own palette. They also sent me a sample of a loose pigment called Josie that was gorgeous! I don’t normally work with loose pigments but this one has me thinking I should 😉

I got colors that I don’t already have in my collection including a deep green, medium blue, and a reddish brown. Below are the swatches of the eyeshadows and blush I ordered.

Root Swatches

All the matte shadows were very buttery with tons of pigment! I was really impressed with how they performed and couldn’t wait to try them on the eyes.

So far, I have used the brighter shades as a lower lash line  pop of color and I love them! I will eventually build up the courage to test them on my lid, I promise. The shimmer shade, Snow Peach, was a little powdery but it still performed nicely. I would like to order a couple more shimmers to get a better idea of the formula.

I also ordered a blush from Root in the color My Girl. One word…PIGMENTED! This blush is crazy pigmented and will probably last me forever. The color is really nice and flattering, I really enjoy it.

Root products are definitely going to be a staple in my makeup and I think the more I try, the more I will love them! Finding buttery, pressed powders can be challenging in the green world and Root is doing a darn good job!!

The Eye of Horus brow definer pencil is another shining star of 2019 so far! I got it in my Petit Vour box and I am obsessed! I got the color Husk which is a taupe-brown and perfect for my red hair. It is a green dupe for my Covergirl brow definer and I couldn’t be more excited to have a dupe to share! It is super precise and the formula actually helps keep the brow hairs in place, which is a must for my wild brow! It is $25.00 but it’s worth it for the peace of mind knowing the ingredients are safe.

I highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a new brow pencil!


For the rest of the look, I used all my faves from W3LL People, Pacifica, etc. You already know the drill. I tried using the tape technique to get a sharp line with my eyeshadow and even though it felt weird, it did work! It helped with my liquid eyeliner as well which is always a pain in my butt.

I also tried doing a cut crease which turned out pretty decent and I will probably continue to use this technique. It allows you to lay down a base so that your lid color really stands out. I am not a pro but it wasn’t a disaster either, which makes it a win!

Anyway, enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

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