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First Impressions | Testing LAWLESS Beauty Products


Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today we are testing the brand LAWLESS and I am very excited about it! Lawless is a clean brand that can be found at Sephora which is really amazing.

I applaud Sephora and Ulta for starting to carry more and more clean make-up brands for us green beauty enthusiast! It also makes it a little easier for the green community newbies to try things out in person instead of blindly ordering online. Being able to buy things in-store also makes it a little easier to return products if you don’t love them.

Lawless products are a little more on the pricey side but they do pride themselves on being AF=Always Free of toxic ingredients. They also don’t skimp on the packaging, which isn’t the most important thing about a product but it also makes you feel like you aren’t getting gipped with cheap components. They have really sleek matte black packaging and frosted glass components which are a really nice addition to any vanity.

From the Lawless website comes the following statement:

“None of our ingredients are known to be cancer causing or endocrine disrupting. Any synthetic ingredients we use in our formulas are naturally derived to help create beautiful, non-toxic products that look, feel and perform at the level you need and expect them to.” 

I think as consumers we can all appreciate this and would hope ALL cosmetic brands would adhere to the same standard of production. Unfortunately, that is definitely not the case and it is our job as responsible adults to do the research and support only brands that operate at such a high level of production.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program… What the heck did I think of the make-up?


I ordered three products from them: Woke Up Like This Foundation $46.00, Seal the Deal Loose Setting Powder $36.00, and the Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick $25.00.


This foundation performed extremely well and I was definitely impressed. It was pretty full coverage which is clearly demonstrated in the the video. I ordered the color Sunrise which is light with a rosy undertone. I initially thought it was going to be too yellow but it actually matched my neck very well. I was suffering from a lot of redness and this covered 90% of it! It dried to a satin finish and did not feel heavy on the skin. If you are very dry, I might add an oil to this to bump up the moisture level because I could see it feeling a little dry after a couple hours. My skin was going through it from traveling and it still looked good on the skin. I am excited to try it again once my skin is in a better place. It is a very promising formula and I would recommend it for those who are comfortable with the price tag. Below is the full shade range.

Lawless Foundation Shade Range
Seal the Deal

Next up, we have the Seal the Deal Loose Setting Powder in Classic Translucent. Setting powders are tough for me because they tend to make my dry skin look even drier and since I was extra dry when trying this, I am going to say it was pretty decent. It initially looked dry but after using some setting spray, it all melted together. This absolutely made my make-up feel locked in for the night and if you are more oily, this will be great for you. It comes in three colors which offers a nice variety for everyone. I will continue to use this once my skin is a little more normal and less dry but it is promising so far!

Soft Matte Liquid Lip George

The final product I ordered was one of their Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the color George. Generally, I don’t wear liquid lips because my lips hate them but for some reason I thought this one was worth the risk. I LOVED the color, it was the perfect nude and it was very comfortable for long wear. I topped it with a gloss just to appease my lips just a little and it looked good both matte and glossy. I think ‘soft matte’ is an accurate description of how it felt and if you are a fan of liquid lips, you will really enjoy these. The have a really nice range of colors that are cutely named after boys 😉

Even though that is it for my Lawless products, I also got the lilac b. Aglow Face Mist to try as well. It can be used under make-up, over make-up or just on the skin for a nice dewy finish. I used it as a setting spray to help melt my powders look less powder-y. I enjoyed how refreshing it felt on the skin and it really did melt all the powder down to look more natural. I got the smaller size to try it out but I might end up buying the regular size once this one runs out.

Well that is it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed the look I came up with and watching me test out these awesome products. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, I would love to add you to my little YouTube family 🙂

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